Turnaround Contracts Engineer
Posted : 06/17/2019 12:47:33 PM

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Saudi Arabia
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Job description:

  1. Follow EHS&S rules, policies and expectation
  2. Compliance, implementation and fostering of STW
  3.  Assures EHS&S is correctly covered in any legal documents
  4. Allay any TA contractual problems, internally and externally.


  1.       Reviews and advices on the TA contract strategy
  2.    Reviews any legal / contractual correspondence before use. (for time-, financial- or scope related changes)
  3.  Reviews all work orders.
  4.  Reviews and approves job packages for completeness before final acceptance and implementation
  5.  Reviews add-on jobs and any changes to the scope of work for contractual consequences Provide contractual information on Turnaround issues.
  6. Review commercial bids.
  7.  Keep proper records on all contractual issues.
  8.  Organizes and lead TA contracts feedback
  9.  Provides accurate feedback during critique meetings
  10. Take part in gate reviews
  11. Checks any cost estimates from contractors for accuracy and against the contract
  12. Provide total projected contract costs.
  13. Approve (proforma) payments and bills.
  14.  Negotiate labour rates with proposed parties.
  15. Contractual TA focal point
  16. Works closely with TA Lead Engineer.
  17. Works closely with TA Cost Engineer.
  18. Responsible for partnering with Procurement department to complete contracts for work execution and to manage resources throughout all phases of the turnaround.
  19. Analyse and use archived information.
  20. Assure application of best practices and lessons learned.
  21. Provides contract updates in all TA phases; Pre, Main, Post activities
  22. Develops, improves TA contracting plan.
  23. Develops, implements, uses cost contract tools and monitors all TA contracts against TA contracting plan and provide warnings on deviations.
  24.  Develops and implements and is accountable for TA contracting reporting.
  25. Assist TA manager in setting up TA plan.
  26. Prepare tender documents

Qualifications / Experience:
BSc Finance, Law &     BSc Engineering are required 


Minimum 10 years in Turnaround Contracts Engineer

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