Maintenance TA Coordinator
Posted : 06/17/2019 03:48:59 PM

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Saudi Arabia
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Job description:

  1. Contribute to Maintenance planning including planning for Turnarounds.
  2. Responsible to represent assigned area on maintenance/Turnaround related issues in meetings.
  3. Participate in weekly Maintenance/Turnaround scheduling meetings.
  4. Ensure that Unit Maintenance Team Leaders, Planners and Schedulers have a common understanding of priorities and criticality.
  5. Responsible to prioritize maintenance scheduled work.
  6. Coordinate with operation shift team to ensure equipment is prepared for maintenance as required and unit operational needs are considered when maintenance is planned


  1. Communicates with appropriate Maintenance Team Leaders in a timely manner as unit priorities and conditions change.
  2. Assure accountability and good workmanship for required Maintenance/Turnaround activities.
  3. Responsible for maintaining an up to date and complete blind list for any unit equipment and provide support for isolation/blinding activities.
  4. Provide organizational and material support in assigned unit or area of Maintenance/Turnarounds
  5. Ensure accurate leak repair management plan is in place and that temporary MOC’s are managed for temporary repairs.

Qualifications / Experience:
Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering.


  1. Minimum 10 years experience as Maintenance/TA Planner.
  2.  Minimum 5 years experience as Maintenance Representative/Coordinator role in Chemical Industry.

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