Turnaround EHS&S lead officer
Posted : 06/17/2019 04:02:26 PM

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Saudi Arabia
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Job description:

  1. Follow EHS&S rules, policies and expectations.
  2. Follow TA Work Processes.
  3. TA EHS&S-compliance officer and focal point between TA and EHS&S department.
  4. Lead the TA-Contractor’s EHS&S Officers.
  5. Resolves any issues on EHS&S internally and externally.
  6. Closely interact with home EHS&S organization and officers.
  7. Closely interact with Contractor EHS&S organization and officers.
  8. Organize and follow all required Guest-In-House meetings and trainings.
  9. Interview Contractors proposed EHS&S candidates.


  1. Arrange award sessions for outstanding TA-EHS&S-performances.
  2. Take part in gate reviews
  3. Assist the TA department with BBP performance.
  4. Reviews add-on jobs for EHS&S implementation consequences
  5. Assist and review the JSA process and compliance.
  6. Attend daily TA-execution and progress meetings.
  7. Attend daily TA-planning- and constructability- and FEL-meetings.
  8. Participate in incident investigation team.
  9. Conduct EHS&S-compliance-audits on proposed TA-Contractors.
  10. Witness the TA-Contractor’s TA-safety inductions.
  11. Witness Contractors toolboxes and assure that EHS&S-incidents are discussed
  12. Coordinate random medical check-up and have results discussed in next day’s toolboxes.
  13. Actively participate and provide detailed input during critique meetings.
  14. Organizes and lead TA EHS&S feedback.
  15. Being aware of and implement any updates on EHS&S documents, policies or announcements
  16. Setup TA EHS&S plan.
  17. Review internal and external TA-EHS&S plans.
  18. Provide TA-EHS&S-requirements for site and plant access.
  19. Discuss and review and report on TA-laydown area plans and use and Pre-TA activities.
  20. Record and report safe working manhours.

Qualifications / Experience:
BSc of Engineering degree is required &  NEBOSH certificate.


Minimum 10 years as a EHS&S Officer

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