Interview Campaigns

At live jobs global, we have a team of highly experienced, skilled and technically advanced professionals which enable us to carry out Interview campaigns on behalf of client and can work closely in association with the client.
We carry out complete process of:
1.Screening: We popularly follow Database Screening, Advertised Screening or both as per the requirement of Client. We screen candidates from our extensive database. Also we use the most appropriate and effective method of advertised screening for an organization to source relevant and qualified candidates as per described job.

2.Assessment: Based on the specification of the job we carry out grading on their technical skills, relevant experience, knowledge, personality and flexibility for work culture.
3.Shortlisting: Our considerable knowledge and expertise helps us in shortlisting the candidates on the basis of grading and relevance for the job profile. The candidate's short listed by us is then presented to the client's representative for the final selection.
4.Response Management: We have specialists with the skills and capabilities to make arrangements for accommodations and interview venue along with the pick and drop facility for the client’s representative. We ensure a high quality of candidate & client experience and also to make sure that your challenging demands are met cost effectively within agreed timeframe.
5.Support Staff: We have a dedicated team for managing the document checklist, filtration of documents and supporting client’s representative in making an offer.