At live jobs global, we don’t stop at selection of the candidate, we also provide complete global solution to the client which includes processing of document, issuing of E-Vakala/ Response Letter and Visa Stamping Process, Mobilization of manpower.
We have a range of mobilization support services for our clients; it can be mobilization of one person to a new location or managing the relocation of an entire team. We have an experienced mobility teams operating around the world, to ensure the local expertise for the smooth operation of your businesses.

Contractual Mobilization Services
Based on the We provide end to end mobilization services in which our team takes care of your payroll, operational activities, insurance provisions and funding of mobilization expense which ensures you a complete fiscal flexibility.
Permanent Mobilization Services
The process of moving your permanent staff globally is Permanent Mobilization. We have experts for providing such services which can simplify your tasks and decrease the risk and expenses, it can be moving a single staff or a complete set up. Our services can also help in reducing the burden from internal HR teams. We are providing mobility support services for some of the world’s biggest companies and can offer end-to-end mobilization services as a fully channelized partner developing and managing policies in order to guarantee the safety and convenience of personnel mobilized to different countries.